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Lot 606154

Update 6/9/15 — This lot is SOLD OUT

Our annual Timothy grass harvest from field 4 is now in the barn and ready for pickup. 100% Timothy grass with seed heads just beginning to emerge. Small quantity of clover was present in the field — less than 2%. 

Bales are standard small squares, poly twine, average 50lbs. Priced at $6.00 per bale. 

Contact us to arrange for your order. 


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Lot 607146


This lot is 100% Timothy grass hay with very low weed count. 50 pound bales, sisal twine. $6.00 per bale.

Please see the about us page for details of our Timothy seed source and hay quality.

Contact us to arrange your order.


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Lot 531146


Daniel and I baled a small lot of straight Timothy grass hay from field 6 this evening. Fine stemmed Timothy grass with heads just beginning to emerge. 50-60 pound bales, sisal twine. $6.00 per bale.

Contact us to arrange pickup.


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Lot 604134

Sorry, this lot is now SOLD.

This lot of pure Timothy grass hay is already sold, but keep an eye out for future Timothy grass harvests. They go fast when we have them.

Be sure to sign up for instant notification of our harvests, using the email address box over in the left bar of our website.


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Lot 603137

Premium grade grass hay with Timothy grass and endophyte-free fescue. 50-60 pound very tight bales (made repairs to the baler this weekend). Available for pickup or delivery. Contact us for information or to place your order.


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Lot 803125

We baled a fourth cutting of hay today from our main alfalfa/orchard/timothy grass field. The bales in this lot average 90% alfalfa with Timothy and orchard grass. Sisal tied bales, 18x12x34, 40-50 lbs. To protect our plants’ root system during drought, this alfalfa was allowed to flower, so it is a coarser hay than we usually produce, but still good quality. You can see images of the hay during harvest in our previous post.

Due to the drought, yield was only 25% of normal — a mere 82 bales from 6 acres. All bales are pre-sold. Current pricing is $8 each.

We may have one or two more harvests from various fields this year, and have a growing waiting list. Contact us to inquire about availability and place your order.


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