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Lot 801132

This lot consists of 3rd cutting alfalfa with orchard and Timothy grasses. Alfalfa content is approximately 50%. Sisal twine, small square bales weighing 50 lbs. Quality is good, but not on par with our premium hay — $5.00 per bale.

Contact us to arrange for your order. Thanks!

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Lot 622132

This lot consists of 80% alfalfa with orchard grass. Sisal twine bales, that are very tight. Average weight is 60-70 pounds (heavier than our typical bales).

$6.50 per bale. Contact us to place your order and arrange for pickup or delivery.


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We cut field #2 today, and if all goes well, we will have it in the barn this weekend.

This cutting consists of 80% alfalfa with orchard grass. Cut at only 10% bloom for good nutrient density and palatability. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides have ever been used on this hay field.

Contact us if you would like to reserve an order.


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With Indiana’s hay harvest fully underway, market prices have fallen modestly with increasing supply. We are adjusting our prices accordingly:

All hay mixes we produce are now priced at $6.50 per bale.

Current hay prices apply at the time your hay is picked up or loaded for delivery.

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Lot 530135

Today we baled the hay pictured earlier this week. 50 pound bales, sisal twine, consisting of 25% alfalfa with Timothy and orchard grasses. Drying conditions were about as perfect as they get, with low humidity and high winds.

Available for pickup or delivery. $6.50 per bale.


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We cut one of our main hay fields today, and expect to be baling on Thursday. This is usually our most popular lot, with alfalfa down in the 25% to 35% range, and healthy orchard and Timothy grasses. Contact us to reserve. Pricing is $6.50 per bale.


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Lot 515132

Sorry, this lot is now SOLD.

Lot 515132 was baled yesterday, and contains approximately 50% alfalfa with orchard grass. Small square bales, sisal twine, 50 pounds.

Please contact us for further information or to reserve hay.


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Rather than adjusting our prices monthly to the national hay exchange average (currently $8.54), this year we are going to try to keep pricing consistent to take some of the guesswork out of your buying.

For the 2013 hay season, our hay is $7.00 per bale unless otherwise posted.

We know this will help us keep order prices straight, and hope it helps you too as we enter another year with limited national hay supplies and high average prices.

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Today we started our first harvest of the year, cutting field #2. This alfalfa and orchard field was planted last year and is completely chemical free — and looks great!

The alfalfa is in the pre-bud stage, so it and the grass will be soft and nutrient dense. Pricing for the year will be announced this week. Stay tuned.


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Lot 803125

We baled a fourth cutting of hay today from our main alfalfa/orchard/timothy grass field. The bales in this lot average 90% alfalfa with Timothy and orchard grass. Sisal tied bales, 18x12x34, 40-50 lbs. To protect our plants’ root system during drought, this alfalfa was allowed to flower, so it is a coarser hay than we usually produce, but still good quality. You can see images of the hay during harvest in our previous post.

Due to the drought, yield was only 25% of normal — a mere 82 bales from 6 acres. All bales are pre-sold. Current pricing is $8 each.

We may have one or two more harvests from various fields this year, and have a growing waiting list. Contact us to inquire about availability and place your order.


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