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Pricing update

Our pricing is updated regularly to reflect changes in the local and national hay market.  The following prices replace the stated prices for each lot:

Alfalfa content greater than 50% – $8.00
Alfalfa mixes below 50% – $7.50
Grass hay – $6.00
Oats – $8.00

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This is a photo of our most recent planting. It is a 3.5 acre field planted densely with two alfalfa varieties, along with orchard grass, plus oats to protect the alfalfa while it matures. This is one of our fields along Sanes Creek, so the soil is nutrient rich, which has a direct impact on the nutrient density of hay.

We will be harvesting a mix of oats and alfalfa in July that needs to be pre-sold so we are not using our limited storage space for it. Expected yield is 300 bales (+/- 100), priced at $5.00 per bale.

If you could use alfalfa and oats hay for your horses, let us know right away. Any that isn’t pre-ordered will be contracted to a local dairy.

Contact us with any questions or to pre-order. Thanks!


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