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Indiana Hay · What To Expect From Our Hay

What To Expect From Our Hay

IMG_2055Our hay begins with seeds supplied by the finest forage seed producer in the midwest, Byron Seeds in Rockville, Indiana, predisposing our hay to the highest possible levels of energy and palatability.

To promote growth, we use fertilizers and soil conditioners, developed and custom blended for our farm. Nutrient-rich soils and the careful use of fertilizers results in hay that is nutrient-dense and incredibly palatable.

Weed control is accomplished by maintaining thick and healthy stands of hay that are not left to seed stage. As a field ages, “weed” varieties that manage appear are typically complementary to a forage feeding program. As weed pressure increases, the fields are diligently replanted every few years. Herbicides and pesticides are never broadcast over our fields. Pests are controlled by maintaining healthy chemical-free soils, which allows natural predators of hay pests to thrive.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of our hay, but this is farming and we can’t control everything. Hay is harvested in small batches, and any hay that gets rained on or is past peak harvest stage is either discounted with full disclosure or baled to feed the animals in our community. You will never receive hay that doesn’t meet our standards.

20140703-210058-75658780.jpgThanks for taking a look at our website, and reading about our family and farm!  We are excited you are here, and hope there is some way we can serve you.

Klabunde Farms, LLC