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UPDATE: Most of the hay is now sold. There are 50 native grass hay bales available at $4.00 each.

We tried to clear our barn out of remaining hay right after Christmas. Then it immediately started snowing and we haven’t been able to get a vehicle near the hay barn for 2 months! So let’s try this again…

All remaining hay must go — alfalfa with timothy and orchard grass, alfalfa between 20% and 80%, and all grass hay — all priced at $4 per bale.

Contact us to arrange a time to pick up, and feel free to email us with any questions you have.

This lot consists of mixed grass hay, including orchard, Timothy, fescue, and small amounts of clover. 50 pound bales, sisal twine tied.

Available for immediate pickup.


All of our hay is now either sold or reserved.  Please keep an eye on our website for upcoming harvests and hay that becomes available due to cancellations. You can also follow our posts via email by clicking the link to the left — you will receive immediate notification of any available hay. Contact us to be added to our waiting list or to pre-order.

We have had a wonderful few weeks fulfilling orders for our regular customers and meeting a large number of new regulars. Our family is grateful for your business…thank you!

Our pricing is updated regularly to reflect changes in the local and national hay market.  The following prices replace the stated prices for each lot:

Alfalfa content greater than 50% – $8.00
Alfalfa mixes below 50% – $7.50
Grass hay – $6.00
Oats – $8.00

Sorry, this cutting is SOLD OUT.

We baled a small lot of native grass hay today, consisting of fescue, orchard grass and clover with various flowers. Good bales in the 50 pound weight range, no rain, and plenty of drying time. This is not our premium horse hay, but great feed for the price.

50 bales are available at $5.00 each, or $225 for the entire lot. Contact us to arrange for your order.


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