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We are enjoying a cool and wet Spring on our farm, which has delayed the start of our hay season. Based on current hay field conditions, I anticipate we will begin harvesting at the next window with no rain in the forecast — hopefully in the next two weeks.

Our first harvest will be a 40% alfalfa mix with grass hay.

We want to invite you to join us on Facebook and share the excitement of our growing farm! Also, be sure to check out our new Pastured Pork website, Hands-On Hogs.

We look forward to seeing you this year!

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Lot 724155

Update 7/25/15 — This lot is SOLD OUT

We may have some hay remaining after filling reservations from today’s harvest. Medium- grade hay, 50% alfalfa with orchard and Timothy grasses. 

Harvested at 0% bloom, but there is some old growth in this field right now due to rain, so some of the lot is coarser hay than our premium hay, about 1/3 of the bales are premium. Overall, it’s good dry hay with no rain during cure. 50 pound small square bales, poly twine.

$5.50 per bale. Contact us to arrange pickup.


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Lot 706152

Update 7/20/15 — This lot is SOLD OUT

Just in time for the rain to resume tomorrow, we put our 2nd cutting from field 2 in the barn this evening. 

50% alfalfa with orchard and Timothy grasses. Harvested at 60% bloom, so this is coarser hay than our premium hay. 50 pound small square bales, poly twine. 

$5.00 per bale. Contact us to arrange pickup. Delivery is not currently available (see here for more details on delivery). 


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It’s been a little quiet on our Hay For Sale postings here, so I want to give you an update on 2015 hay production.

In short, it hasn’t stopped raining. We were fortunate to have two successful first cutting harvests before the rain started, but only managed to get in about 1/3 of our usual alfalfa mix and 1/2 of our Timothy hay. Nearly all of it sold out within days, with customers driving from as far as Illinois as the rain has impacted hay production across the midwest.

We are hoping to harvest some additional hay this weekend, and will be taking much greater chances with rain than we usually do in order to try to get hay in the barn for you. I also anticipate the hay quality and volume to be lower as we get into our second and third cuttings, as the grasses and legumes are both flowering much earlier in their growth cycle. Hopefully we’ll have July and August conditions that will get everything back on track.

Please keep an eye on our website at, and sign up for harvest notifications on the left side of the website.

Thank you, and have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

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Lot 606154

Update 6/9/15 — This lot is SOLD OUT

Our annual Timothy grass harvest from field 4 is now in the barn and ready for pickup. 100% Timothy grass with seed heads just beginning to emerge. Small quantity of clover was present in the field — less than 2%. 

Bales are standard small squares, poly twine, average 50lbs. Priced at $6.00 per bale. 

Contact us to arrange for your order. 


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Lot 523152

Update 6/20/15 — This lot is SOLD OUT

First cutting from field 2 is now in the barn and ready for pickup. 35% alfalfa with Timothy, Orchardgrass and EF-Fescue. Very fine textured hay — see the photo below of a handful from the center of a bale. 

Bales are standard small squares, poly twine, average 45lbs. Priced at $6.00 per bale. 

Contact us to arrange for your order. 

Thanks, and have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Be sure to check out What To Expect From Our Hay to learn about what goes into the hay we grow hay for your horses. 

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Lot 0522155

Update 5/23/15 — This lot is SOLD OUT

We started baling a day earlier than expected, and have 25% alfalfa hay in the barn available for pickup. Mix is alfalfa, Timothy, Orchardgrass and EF Fescue — all Byron Seeds varieties for quality horse mixes. From field 5.

Bales are standard small squares averaging 50 pounds, poly twine. Alfalfa was 0% in flower, so this is young and tender hay. 


Priced at $6.00 per bale. Contact us to arrange pickup. 

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A New Season


We are entering the Spring rush of hay growth — my favorite time of year, and the most beautiful. It won’t be long before our first cutting is underway. 

Our alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard mix field is looking incredible (top photo, taken today), and the pure Timothy fields look strong so far. 

If you haven’t already, take a moment to let us know what you may need this year so we can schedule our production to your needs. 

Our first cutting from field 5 will be coinciding with a remodel of our hay barn, so we will aim for selling the entire cutting out of the field. This is our best selling mix every year, at around 25% alfalfa. If you need this mix, be sure to watch our website for notification that harvest is underway in late May. Field 2, with 50% alfalfa, should also be coming in about the same time. 

We hope you had a wonderful Winter season, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

From the middle of Field 2,

Kenneth and Jake


Lot 914147


Baled today…small lot of mixed grass hay. Small, tight bales in the 40-50 pound range. Orchard, Timothy, and EF fescue grasses. $5 per bale.



The following two lots of hay are in the barn and available for immediate pickup.

SOLD OUT 200 bales of 25% alfalfa with Timothy and orchard grass. $7 per bale. Posted here:

SOLD OUT 180 bales of 100% Timothy grass hay. $7 per bale. Posted here:


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